carrying words



what was written on her face

words spoken not erased

letters stuck to her skin like paste

some were red

others blue

most spoken in haste

the words that formed across her chin

she knew she would never let in

the phrases that caressed her cheeks

rosy words someone else would speak

her eyes were heavy

from the vowels in empathy

her lashes hung down

with the consonants of hope

all these words that she wore

on her unsuspecting face

also fell onto her shoulders

stretching out as silken grace

spreading like a fire

they had reached her ears

but slid back from denial

she was hardened like steel

a mixture of feelings

strong potion of desire

to shake her self violently

like a dog in the rain

to rid her emotions

to erase the past and the pain

a fresh face for the next person

a new chapter to cast

she knew she was strong

and these words

they couldn't last


Safe and Secure

​​​​Copyright All rights reserved.

​write on by zmn